About Us

Ayurveda Store is Owned by Rasayana Limited (New Zealand) Founded by Anirudh who envisions to empower individuals to understand their body, and make health simple through providing authentic Ayurvedic/Wellness products backed by evidence-based research to ensure powerful & easy results!

"Every product in our store has a unique significance and we will continue to do our best to source the best quality products, from the best brands because wellness should never be compromised" - Anirudh

The journey of this company has been quite interesting, noticing a gap in the New Zealand market, that customers were paying high prices for herbs that are probably sourced from the same farms in India, we decided to fill the spot and introduce a range of superfoods, herbs, oils and elixirs to promote health and longevity at a sustainable rate without compromise. 
Our ancient roots are from India where Ayurveda originated, the medicine that gave life to all other medicines that exist today. We integrate the principles of Ayurveda in our daily life and have seen powerful changes in our health. Therefore we thought that the use of herbs are a huge part of maintaining our wellness, and should be bought into awareness through an ethical and easy manner.