100% Pure Authentic Chyawanprash From Kottakkal Kerala
100% Pure Authentic Chyawanprash From Kottakkal Kerala
100% Pure Authentic Chyawanprash From Kottakkal Kerala

100% Pure Authentic Chyawanprash From Kottakkal Kerala

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Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sal was established in 1902. To date, they are the most authentic Ayurvedic company which produces products as per ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. 

Chyavanaprasam is a Herbal Jam made from the decoction of 31 herbs + Ghee (clarified butter) + Honey + Jaggery (Molasses sugar) with an Amla fruit base. Revered in Ayurveda for centuries as the best Rasayana (Rejuvenating Tonic for Longevity). It is unlike any other Chyawanprash in the market, with no preservatives, no fillers and no binders. The authentic richness can be experienced in the taste.

- One-stop solution to bolster immunity, energy and enhance youthfulness.
- Aids in weight loss and supports in weight gain.
- Enriched with antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and free radicals.
- Lowers inflammation, constipation and stress.
- Promotes vision, bone strength and semen.
- Improves memory, promotes cognition, elevates mood, and is neuroprotective.
- Boosts physical and mental performance, increases stamina and reduces fatigue.

Actions: Cardiotonic, aphrodisiac, nutritive, relieves cough and cold, antiseptic, sore throat, radioprotective, anti-cancer, antiviral, digestive, immunomodulator, antimicrobial, demulcent, laxative, hepatoprotective, alleviates thirst and asthma, anti-allergic, relieves respiratory infections and hepatitis, bronchodilator and relieves flu.

Balances all doshas.

How to consume - 1tsp to 1 Tbsp with milk or as is, in the morning  before meals.

The Story - Chyavanprash is said to be a potent herbal formulation that was passed on by the celestial healers- Ashwini Kumaras, to rejuvenate the old and debilitated Rishi Chyavana. Sage Chyavana married a young and beautiful princess and pleased with her love and devotion, decides to regain his youthfulness, but knows no way. Chyavana started a great penance to regain his vitality and the twin celestial healers Ashwini Kumaras blessed him with the secret of longevity and good health- Chyavanprash.

Jaggery (Molasses Sugar), Phyllanthus emblica (Indian Gooseberry), Honey, Ghee, Gingelly oil (Sesame oil), Maranta arundinacea (Arrowroot), Piper longum (Long pepper), Elettaria cardamomum (True cardamom), Gmelina arborea (Candahar tree), Holostemna ada-kodien (Jivanti), Aegle marmelos (Indian bael), Vitis vinifera (Wine grape), Stereospermum colais (Patala), Santalum album (Indian Sandalwood), Oroxylum indicum (Indian Trumpet Flower), Boerhaavia diffusa (Punarnava), Premna corymbosa (Agnimantha), Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi), Desmodium gangeticum (Salparni), Terminalia chebula (Haritaki), Pseudarthria viscida (chapakno), Pueraria tuberosa (Indian Kudzu), Solanum indicum (Vanabhanta), Solanum xanthocarpum (Yellow-berried Nightshade), Tribulus terrestris (Bindii), Sida rhombifolia (arrowleaf sida), Cyprus rotundus (Nut grass), Vigna radiata (Mung bean), Vigná pilosa, Pistacia chinensis (Chinese pistache), Phyllanthus amarus (Bhumyamalaki), Cinnamomum verum (Ceylon cinnamon), Cinnamomum tamala (Indian bay leaf), Mesua ferrea (Cobra saffron).

Quantity: 500g

Please note ghee and honey in equal quantities is contraindicated however in different proportions is accepted in Ayurveda. Chawanprash contains 1.143 ml of honey and 0.762ml ghee in 10gms of dosage, making it safe for consumption.
GMP Certified.

Exp: 2026

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To verify that a herb is authentic it is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) which contains tests (heavy metals/safety/identification) done on every batch of herb manufacturing. E.g Amla COA or Ashwagandha COA. COAs for every herb are available via email request.

To identify if the herb is organic it's certified by USDA & Onecert International which can be verified by visiting the USDA database here.

Please note shilajit cannot be claimed as organic as it's not cultivated by humans, it's extracted from special shilajit rocks which is only produced by nature. Shilajit can only be tested for heavy metals which we have done in a New Zealand Laboratory (document is available here)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ken Goralski
Authentic Quality

This is the real deal from Kottakkol, not the sugar-filled commercial stuff. Highly recommended.

Wendy Mitchell

100% Pure Authentic Chyawanprash From Kottakkal Kerala

Love From Customers


Great quality Moringa! Very satisfied with the service you provide. Thank you.

Victoria R

Moringa Powder


You can feel it! I absolutely love it, i dont how to explain it, i just feel better!!! In all areas… i just feel better. Highly recommend this health investment.

Vanessa P 

Shilajit Resin


Very happy with my order and looking forward to future buisness with you. A+++

Eden P

Neem Powder


Wonderful Bentonite clay. Easy to work with. Great quality And lovely fragrance

Heather P

Bentonite clay


My brain fog was gone within days. I’ve been recommending to all my friends.

Janice S

Brahmi powder


Excellent. I ordered some triphala and moringa and it arrived very quickly. Good product and service.

Andrew S

Moringa + Triphala


Fantastic product. I am using Ashwagandha in my final weeks of pregnancy and have had great results. Stress doesn't bring me down as much, I have more energy and feel stronger now at 38weeks pregnant then I did at 36 weeks. I use a teaspoon a day in my warm milk with other safe herbs and spices including the Shatavari powder I brought :)

Roxanna L

Ashwagandha + Shatavari


Awesome products. Have only been taking them a week and I notice the difference already.

Dana B

Guduchi Powder


Best moisturising oil. The oil is really smooth, hydrating and moisturising

Chaudhary S

Moringa Oil


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